Ajiu Asu Roi Assamese Song Download Free and Lyrics

Hey guys! How are you? I hope you all are doing great. Recently I have seen an Assamese song is flooding the internet i.e ” Ajiu Asu Roi Assamese Song “. People are getting addicted to this song.

Ajiu Asu Roi Assamese Song Download

Mostly we don’t see the latest Assamese song on streaming apps like Gaana, JioSaavn, Wynk Music, etc. So we Assamese people need to download our favorite song “Ajiu Asu Roi using the old style. No worries here you’ll get the song as well as lyrics of Ajiu Asu Roi lyrics.

Before I start getting in. Let me tell you that this song was composed by –Music – Utkarsh Dhotekar

Vocals – Sannidhya Bhuyan

Guitars – Rajib Bhuyan

Drums – Satyam Borkotoky

Mix and Bass – Akashdeep Gogoi (Akky)

Company: Heavy Budget

and currently streaming on YouTube.

This song is also known as “Ajiu Asu Roi by Heavy Budget”

Ajiu Asu Roi Assamese Song Lyrics

Moi pahoribo pora 

Dukhere bhora hridoy mur

Tumar morom akoluwa moi

Kio hoi gola dur

Ajiu hiyat baaje mur

Premor mitha sikun xur

Ajiu asu roi tumar

Sobiti hiyaat loi

Ahiba ne baru mur kaxoloi

Obhiman mon loi

Bhangibane baru xei obhimna

Mur moromor moloyaloi

This song is launched on 18th January 2020 right after “Tumi Mur Nuhua“. This song ” Ajiu Asu Roi” is going to be another music sensation Assam.

Personally talking about this song. It is a masterpiece again it gives goosebumps it was sung in such a tune anyone would fall in love with the song.

N.B Song credit goes to respected owner 🙂