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Tumi Mur Nuhua Song Download Lyrics

Hey guys! How are you? I hope all are doing great. Recently I have seen an Assamese song is flooding the internet i.e “Tumi Mur Nuhua “. People are getting addicted to this song.

Mostly we don’t see the latest Assamese song on streaming apps like Gaana, JioSaavn, Wynk Music, etc. So we Assamese people need to download our favorite song “Tumi Mur Nuhua” using the old style. No worries here you’ll get the song as well as lyrics of Tumi Mur Nuhua.

Before I start getting in. Let me tell you that this song was composed by –Music – Utkarsh Dhotekar

Vocals – Bhaskar Opswel

Guitars – Derrick Correia

Drums – Satyam Borkotoky

Mix and Bass – Akashdeep Gogoi (Akky)

and currently streaming on YouTube.

This song is also known as “Tumi Maney Toi”

Tumi Mur Nuhua Lyrics

Jodio Jaanu

Tumi Mur Nuhua

Tothapi tumak saam

Tumaakei bhabim

Bhaabi hahim…

Abeli abeli…

Xukhore mur

Ghor khon junaki

Poruwar dekhot

Dhakide beli tu…

Kojala o dawoor

Hahibo nidibi…

Tothapiu jodi

Namane beliye

Saaya hoi diba abeli

Tumakeii bhabim

Bhaabi hahim..

Abeli abeli

Xemeka sokure

Nirobe nitale

Bisarim Tumak

Ahiba jaanu tumiu xidina

Nirobe gupone…

Tumakeii bhabim

Bhaabiu hahim..

Abeli abeli

N.B Song credit goes to respected owner šŸ™‚

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