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Do you make these mistakes when you wake up?

The time to get up in the morning is one of the most delicate moments of the day. However, it will depend considerably on the time when we should stand. Given this, it is clear that people who wake up early will be the ones who detest this moment more. One study revealed that getting up early is bad for one’s health, something many of us were already trying to adjudicate to get up early. However, few are the privileged who can choose to start the day without getting up early. If you are one of those who should get up earlier than you would like, you should ask yourself if You make these mistakes when you get up. Why? Some habits could make you start your day with bad feet. 

Snooze the alarm

Do you make these mistakes when you wake up?

The alarm is a mix between our infallible ally and our worst enemy. It is a “neither with you nor without you” in full rule. Without it we would sleep like a bear in a state of hibernation, but its sound reminds us every morning that we must stand and let the dream so placid in which we were submerged. However, the relationship with our alarm can be greatly complicated when we tell you to let us sleep a few more minutes. Snoozing the alarm gives us the pleasure of enjoying a bit more of the comfort of our bed, but it deceives our brain by interrupting sleep cycles. As a consequence, we will end up getting more drowsy and stupid. 
If you are one of those who has a love-hate relationship with your alarm, try not to be seduced by the option to postpone it. 

Use your smartphone

Do you make these mistakes when you wake up?

Yes, we already know that our mobile has become an extension of our own person, and that is likely to be our alarm as well. However, looking at the mobile is one of the mistakes we made when we got up. A study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh, funded by the US National Institutes of Health, found that young people who frequently used social networks were More likely to suffer some sleep disorder, Such as insomnia. The light that gives off the mobile when we are in bed makes the quality of sleep worse. 
On the other hand if the first thing we do when we wake up is to look at the cell phone, we risk reading work emails or other messages that can cause us to start the day with stress. 
The best choice? Do not use your smartphone as an alarm, Since this way you will avoid opening your eyes with the device in your hands. 

Do not light the stay

Do you make these mistakes when you wake up?

One of the simplest but affective ways to help our body to dawn is light. Our internal clock regulates our Ciclo de sueño-vigilia Natural hormone, the melanin. This hormone acts in light function that we perceive, so it acts when there is little light, and disappears when we are in illuminated spaces. That is why we sleep better in low-light spaces and that, on the contrary, we may find it more uncomfortable to sleep in illuminated environments. 
For this reason, if you make the mistake of not turning on the light when you wake up or do not open the shutter to light the room, it is likely that getting up early will be much more difficult for you. 

Do not eat breakfast

Do you make these mistakes when you wake up?

It is likely that in the morning we will hurry and decide to skip breakfast. After several hours of sleep, our body has not ingested any kind of nutrient, so it is important to bring some energy. Have breakfast Will help us feel more vital and we can face everything that comes ahead. 
On the contrary, if we choose to get up and eat nothing, it is likely that we may feel tired all morning. 
These are some of the foods that help you have energy throughout the day. 

Drink coffee

Do you make these mistakes when you wake up?

While one of the mistakes we make when getting up is not having breakfast, drinking coffee is another one. Most people who get up early love to enjoy this stimulating drink, as it contains caffeine that helps clear them out. However, drinking coffee in the mornings could be a bad choice. The reason is that in the morning the cortisol levels are higher. Cortisol is the hormone of stress, and the consumption of caffeine increases its levels, being able to generate More nervousness at the start of the day
Therefore, it is advisable to wait a couple of hours in case you want to drink coffee in the morning, in order not to increase the chances of starting the day with bad foot. 

Shower with hot water

Do you make these mistakes when you wake up?

Showering in the mornings is one of the steps we all take. The problem is that showering with hot water does not help to activate us, but rather relaxes us. It is true that few people would be willing to shower with cold water, and less in seasons like winter. However, it is another of the options we have to try to activate and be more awake. If we do not want to shower completely with cold water, we can try to Adjust the water to warm Or shower with hot water and change to Cold temperature during the last minute. In this way, we stimulate the blood circulation and we will feel more awake. 

This article is for information only, we have no power to prescribe medical treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to go to a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.
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