Get Google AdSense approval instantly with a new blog:

Google AdSense is considered best ad network among all other ad networks and is used to monetize a blog or a website. Google AdSense offers highest CTR rates for a web page. It is a dream for every blogger or author to have Google AdSense applied on their website. By monetizing the post or web page,  publishers can daily earn money from Google AdSense. But there are some strict rules and regulations of this ad network that many of publishers are failed to get Google AdSense approval on their website. But we you follow some guidelines, your website will surely get approved.

It is easy to get AdSense approval if you follow some rules from starting. I have approved Google AdSense on my blog; you can click here to check.

Before applying for Google AdSense for your blog, you have to follow some guidelines:

The domain must be at least six months old:

As per norms of AdSense team, publishers from the countries like India and China must have their domain six months old. But we have seen in some cases, less than six months old domain also get AdSense approval but try to apply after six months.

Content should be of high quality:

Content decides the standard of your blog. High-quality content is always preferable, and it should be 100% unique, error-free and must be of 500-600 words. The main why AdSense is not approved is that content you post is copied from somewhere else and is only of 100-200 words. I recommend you to post at least 700-800 words of content before applying for AdSense. So, before publishing the post, you must check for plagiarism and grammatical errors using small SEO tools.

Have a sufficient number of posts:

A blog can have more than 3 or 4 categories, and it is good to have more categories. You should have at least 4 or 5 posts on every page, category, and tag on your blog. Total 30-40 articles should be there on any blog, and all these articles must have 500-600 words, error-free and must be 100% unique content.

Be careful while choosing images for posts:

While writing the content, most of the webmasters copy the content from other site or blog without the permission, and this comes under the copyrighted material. Google AdSense does not approve copyrighted content in the posts; this also includes the images that some of the webmasters directly copy from one site. Most of the publishers search the suitable image and directly uploads it to their posts, but have you ever thought that the images also have specific permissions associated with them. You can also use various tools to find out that which image is free to use. For example, you can use Google “usage rights” tool to find out which image can reuse with or without modification.

Look for better blog design and structure:

A good blog appearance and design also attract visitors and also plays a vital role in the approval process of Google AdSense. Blog structure is consist of a header, drop down menu, content (posts), sidebar, footer. When visitors visit your blog, they first see how user-friendly or responsive your blog design is, so blog structure or design is the first impression for visitors to judging your blog.

Check whether your blog doesn’t fall under AdSense Prohibited Content:

Google AdSense policies have mentioned that blog that contains:

  • Copyrighted content
  • Adult content
  • Weapon-related content
  • Drug-related content
  • Alcohol and tobacco-related content
  • Hacking and cracking content
  • Violent content and illegal content

will not get approved, these type of sites are strictly against AdSense policies.

Check whether your domain is not blocked by Google:

Before applying for AdSense for your blog, check that your blog is not blocked by the Google. AdSense team checks your blog statistics on their search engine (Google). For checking, just type “” and search it on Google. If you find your blog in Google search results, it means your site is not blocked by Google, if not then it is blocked.

Visitors don’t play a vital role in approval:

If you recently started blogging, and you don’t have a large audience on your blog, then don’t worry. Visitors are not the factor for AdSense approval, but the blog quality does. If your blog has fewer visitors, then your AdSense doesn’t get affected because AdSense moderator never checks for the number of people visits your site, but if you want to get the higher revenue, you much have a broader audience.

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