Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh

Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh is all in one book. It was published by McGraw Hill and covered all the important topics for the Civil Service Examination. The popularity of the book can be guessed by looking at its Edition. Yes, 11th Edition is the very recent Edition of the Indian Economy.  Expert says that one of the best books one would find in the market to prepare for any competitive examination, especially the civil services exam conducted by UPSC. More than 30 questions came from this book alone last year in 2016 prelims. It is mentioned that this book is not only for civil service aspirants but also for universities and other examinations.

About the book

The book’s page quality is quite good, and of course, the length is much higher. Indian Economy 11th Edition has 640 pages and 21 chapters along with MCQ and syllabus of the respective exams.  The book’s language is a bit editorial, but overall, it’s clear, short, pinpoint, and lucid.

Out of 21 chapters, I want to name some of the topics here.

About The Author:

Indian Economy PDF by Ramesh Singh
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Ramesh Singh, an alumnus of the Delhi Public School of Economics and a well-known author of McGraw Hill publication. He authored many books, including Natural Hazards: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Landslides, Objective Indian Economy and Social Development, Contemporary Essays, Khelo ke Niyum (Rules of Sports& Game), etc. Apart from this, he owns a coaching center named Ramesh Singh ClassesCentre for Economics


Q1. How to download the Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh pdf?

Ans: As of now, there is no such way to download the Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh pdf. Once we get any information, we will update this article.

Q2. Is Indian Economy pdf free?

Ans: PDF versions are always free, but as we know, piracy is a crime. So I urge my readers not to download any pirated pdfs. Instead, get the Kindle version of Ramesh Singh’s Indian Economy PDF.

Q3. Where Can I download the Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh 11th edition pdf?

Ans: Contradiction to the previous answer, I don’t recommend you, but for the educational purpose, some educational websites hosted the Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh 11th edition pdf.

Q4. From where should I purchase the Indian economy 11th edition pdf?

You can buy it from Amazon as well as Flipkart. The price of the book is slightly lesser in Amazon India as compared to Flipkart. Also, there is a Kindle version of this book.

Wrapping Up:

As an aspirant, this book is a must for Civil Service examination, but before you start reading this book, please ensure that you have completed NCERT’s IX to XII textbook for better understanding. Otherwise, if you are from a science background, you may feel uncomfortable. 

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Disclaimer: We don’t support piracy that is why we can’t provide pdf links. To read this you must buy it or borrow it from your friends like as I do 😉