Learn how to capture perfect moments

What inspired me to first pick up my camera and start clicking away simply was the fact that I wanted to capture a great moment is the area where I live: Guwahati. I still remember every moment as if it had happened just minutes ago. I had traveled to Jalukbari where you will find the best version Highways developed by National Highway Authority Of India. The view is just majestic from up there and I still remember how enthralled I had been when I looked down and saw the Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Samadhi Kshetra . I was lucky I had brought my camera with me and I recall perfectly how I had fumbled with it, trying to set it at an angle that would capture the grandeur of what I was seeing. I didn’t achieve the result I wanted but I became determined  to be able to one day accomplish that very goal. My camera never left my side from that day onwards; slowly but steadily I learnt exactly how to take the shot that I wanted so badly.

Why I am Sharing?

The purpose of sharing all this with you is that I never had any formal training, yet I’m here in front of you sharing tips I have learned. I believe I can share some interesting techniques and tips to help beginners understand the right way of capturing interesting moments. This is actually the topic I’m going to cover today – how to identify the ‘capturing moment.’ It is true that you can capture anything you want with your camera, but you need to put your camera to best use, and that’s when you have to know what needs to be there in your collection of photographs.

When To Start

When you first start your photography career, you will always face the problem of selecting the best moment. In other words, you need to know when to click the button and capture something – you need to identify the “decisive moment”. Once you find that correct ‘capturing moment,’ your photograph will have all the elements to describe the whole story.

As a beginner

Though it is difficult for beginners, you still need to try hard to be a good visual storyteller. If you fail to identify the right capturing moments, your pictures will always be posed, stagnant and lifeless. You have to train your eyes to capture those moments that not only inform, but also enlighten at the same time. Now, this is a lifelong process, but your practice will soon put you in a position where you can capture outstanding moments.

How to capture best Moments?

When it comes to capturing the best moment, the most important characteristic a photographer should have is strong anticipation. It means you should know ahead of time what’s coming your way.  Have you ever watched a sport like tennis or basketball on television? You might have noticed all photographers sitting outside the court waiting and anticipating certain things to happen. You need to have some insider information to anticipate properly. For instance, if you know your young child always spread his arms every time he get to the top of the stairs, it’s insider information for you. It means you can anticipate him doing that again and be ready to capture a perfect moment.

How can you be a great Photographer?

You can be great at photography if you have that sixth sense that warns you of great moments. Sometimes, you don’t really need that sixth sense, but common sense. For instance, if you’re taking photographs at a tennis game, you should anticipate when the ball is going to hit the racket. If you ask me, I’d say you don’t see the best capturing moment – if you see it, it’s gone. You need learn to anticipate and feel for it coming. Continuing with the example, if you click the button just before a tennis player hits, you will end up with some great shots. So, keep practicing and you will develop the characteristic that can turn a beginner into a pro photographer.

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