MON Assamese Song Download & Lyrics

MON Assamese Song Download & Lyrics

The song mon was sung by Zubeen Garg, Ankurani. The length of the song is 3 minutes and 59 seconds and released on 22nd FEB 2020.

MON Assamese Song

Singer – Zubeen Garg, Ankurani

Lyrics – Sushanta

Music/Tune/Guitar – Trion Mahanta

Flute – Anjan Medhi

Mixed Mastered – Pinku Das

Recorded At Red Av By Pinku Das

Gfx – Riju Hatibaruah

Photographer -Raktim Bikash Bora

Lyrical Video Editor – Dibyajyoti Saikia (Studio Devine 360, Jorhat)

Lyrical Video Concept – Manab Gogoi

and currently streaming on youtube


Mon mor mon 

Premote bolia ai mitha mon 

Mon mor mon 

Pakhi lagi uri fura ai mitha mon 

Buku juri tumiye tumiyei 

Mor prem xarothi 

Provatore rangoli rod amuthi 

O hridoyote tumiye tumiyei 

Mor prem logori 

Moromore rodali rong amuthi

O mon 

Mor mon 

Premote bolia ai mitha mon 

Fule fule aji

Utonuwa premore xurovi 

Ushahote mor 

Tomarei nam 

Aso duhat meli 

Dubahute luwa akowali 

Dusokure nila khamor sithi 

Pori sowa 

Pori salo 

Jonak torali tomar dusokut 

Moromore tumi jen projapati

O japi tholo premore 

Dupakhi tomar dubahut 

Moromore loba mok akowali 

O mon mor mon 

Premote boliya ai mitha mon 

Mon mor mon 

Pakhi lagi uri fura 

Ai mitha mon 

About the Assamese Language

About Assamese Langauge and Music Assamese or Axomiya is the native language of Assam. Not only native but also the Official Language of Assam. People living in North East India can easily understand and speak the Assamese language. In short, it is the connecting language for the people living in North East India. Around 15-20 million people’s native language is Assamese.

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Generally, there are some major similarities between Assamese and Bengali languages. The scriptures are almost the same. Assamese is actually a part of the Indo-Aryan language. Its parent’s language is called to be Sanskrit. The Republic of India declared the Assamese language as one of the major languages of India. Upon enquiring, History doesn’t have many records about the Assamese Language. But it is said that it is Magadhi that split into Assamese, Bengali, and Bihari.

Talking about the Music of Assam.

The music of Assam is rich and ancient it consists of different genres of modern and folk music. Borgeet, Dihanaam, Hiranaam, Zikir Aru Zari is part of the devotional category. Bihu is a part of Folk Music. Goalpariya Lokgeet, Kamrupi Lokgeet, Ojapali, Tokari Geet are some of the popular music types of Assam. Music of Assam is incomplete with Bhupen Hazarika, Jyoti Prasad Agarwala, Bishnuprasad Rabha, Sankardev, Madhavdeva, Zubeen Garg, Pratima Pandey Barua, Angaraag Mahanta and many more. Paragraph

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