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Are you among many people who are looking for The Rudest Book Ever PDF by Swetabh Gangwar? Well, you have came to the right place. Through this page, we’ll provide you with the essential information that you need in order to get your desired book in just a few clicks 🙂

Before I start digging in, Let me introduce you to the author of this masterstroke book.

About the Author of The rudest book ever

This book “ The rudest book ever” is written by Swetabh Gangwar. A well known virtual mentor for all of us. He has two youtube channels namely Mensutra where he uploads videos in English Language and another one is by his own name Swetabh Gangwar where he uploads videos in the Hindi Language. You can connect with him on Instagram and Facebook.

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The Rudest Book Ever PDF

Now let’s talk about his book,

His book, The Rudest Book ever was published on 9th December 2019 by Westland Publication. The book is written in the English Language but you can expect Hindi version of this as he prefers Hindi over English.

This book available in Amazon as well as Flipkart. You’ll also get the kindle version of The Rudest Book ever PDF

Currently, the book is on #1 rank on Best Seller categories of Amazon India and has a 5-star rating so far. You must grab it now.

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