Tips for being positive in a negative world

Happiness and positivism go hand in hand. What is positivity? It consists of clearing the mind of “I can not” and facing things with optimism. The truth is that it can be difficult to adopt this way of living when every day we witness brutalities taking place all over the world. There are people who have been lucky enough to be born in an environment full of possibilities and yet are pessimistic. Positivity always adds, and not only will you contribute to your happiness, but you will also transmit your positive energy to everyone around you. In this article we will give you some Tips for being positive in a negative world.

You must know what to worry and when

Tips for being positive in a negative world

There is a Chinese proverb that reflects very well this way of seeing things: “If a problem has a solution, there is no need to worry. If no solution, there is no use worrying”.

Are you among those who agonize in the face of adversity? Stop it! Problems are part of life, We are always going to have to deal with them, but there are different ways of doing it. It is true that not all adversities are equal, and that it is sometimes inevitable to turn around at all hours; However, we must think of the previous proverb. When we have to face a complicated situation and find the solution, we have to stop worrying at the same moment and be positive. In the event that there is no solution, it is best to try to turn the page and move on. Life goes on and we have to face the future with optimism. Therefore, avoid things that mentally strong people do not do.

Learn to see opportunities

Tips for being positive in a negative world

The world sends us signals that invite us to think that we are not worth, that we will not get it, that there will always be someone better than us … Okay, we are not perfect, and it is normal that we can feel self-conscious and get angry when something does not go as we expected . However, we must Learn to trust in ourselves, Because after all it’s up to us to get what we set out to do. Has something gone wrong? Nothing happens! As Miguel de Cervantes said “where one door closes, another opens.” Opportunities come and go, and knowing how to detect and take advantage of them is fundamental. It is necessary to learn to live thinking that the effort and the work allow to obtain results, but that The risk of failure exists. Famous people failed before achieving success and recognition. Walt Disney was fired from a local newspaper because his editor said he “lacked imagination and good ideas” and then bought a studio that ended in bankruptcy. However, he achieved success by creating one of the best-known cartoon companies.

Do not waste time with negative people

Tips for being positive in a negative world

How to be positive in a negative world? Stay away from people who give off bad vibes. If you want to be part of the band of optimists, you have to detox yourself from the harmful effects of the pessimists: “do not even think about it”, “that’s impossible …”, “you’ll never get it …”, “you’re crazy …”. These are the phrases that betray the enemies of positivism. If you listen to them on occasion, deaf ears at the same time you draw a small smile on your face and divert your attention. Being positive implies Surround yourself with positive energy. In a way, it’s about creating a breastplate around you that will resist against the pessimists and against the different problems that can hit us. Now, we must be aware that not everything is rosy. We must Assume the negative being positive.

Make your “gratitude list”

Another way to know how to be more positive is to make a list in which you plaster All the good that is part of your life. As much as it seems to be useless, it is a good way to realize the positive things that surround you and overlooked. It is not a question of writing things that have a physical value, but rather thinking about those aspects such as Health, family, friends, Work, and positive aspects of oneself. Each individual will form a different list, but all will be elaborated by positive elements. When you finish the list, review each point you have written one by one, and you will surely realize that you are more fortunate than you thought.

Focus on the present

Tips for being positive in a negative world

“Never let the sadness of your past and the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present.”

If you want to be positive in a negative world It is fundamental that you leave behind the past, Or at least that does not influence the decisions that you make in the present. Thinking about events that no longer have a place in our daily lives will only negatively influence our decisions. It is better to take into account past positive experiences, as these will remind us of what we were able to do in due course. If once we could do something, there is no reason to think we can not do the same now. If there is something about the future that gives us fear, there is no reason to let it ruin our present. In this way, being positive means focusing on the present, valuing what we have and generating our own optimistic energy.

Create your positive energy

Tips for being positive in a negative world

This point begins at the end of the previous one. We are the main responsible for channeling the different energies that we can receive in our day to day, both negative and positive. Therefore, we must try to create the habit of filtering everything that can influence our mood. How can we start? Learning the keys to personal growth is a good way, since it will help us feel better about ourselves.

Creating our positive energy will help us enjoy the life Through a prism full of optimism. To contribute to creating positive energy, we can enjoy the hobbies we like: reading, doing meditation, practicing a sport, etc. Little by little we will realize that Being positive benefits us more than in the case of not being and helps us to live happier lives.

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